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-To ensure that we have the right people with the right skills set, knowledge, and expertise.
-To constantly upskilling our people.
-To know and enhance our brand and products within the global market.
-To ensure constant professional service excellence.
-To allow for skills transfer daily and by growing together as a company and a Team.
-To be the most preferred Petroleum supplier in Africa (SADC) & African Countries and globally while owning productive depots that supply the wider market and continually reducing the unemployment rate in South Africa thereby eradicating poverty.
-To provide the private sector, public sector, and community with high-quality petroleum products. To explore, discover, promote the positive breed and transfer of Entrepreneurial skills particularly to those historically disadvantaged and disabled persons in its sphere of influence.

About Us

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Everything we do is in the best interest of the environment.
We work within the ambits of national and international standards.



What drives this belief is the confidence we have in our service team from the trust we have established in our team of reliable, dependable, and professional employees which is firmly based on the adage ”together we can do more ”sustaining global ignition.

PETROTECH main goal is to consistently improve the quality of services that we provide to all industries in which we operate – Petroleum, Natural Gas, Energy, and Logistical Sector.



Given the power and energy instability that we are currently facing globally; this goal drives our workforce to African nations, to not only provide excellent and professional service but also to take Africa to a better and energy-secure future through continuous collaboration with most major refineries.

Our objective is to provide our customers with reliable energy, petroleum, and logistical services, giving them world-class standards from our dedicated, professional, and motivated workforce.

Our sole vision is to provide exceptional and innovative petroleum, petrochemical and logistics solutions. This then opens up a path to be a leading service provider in the industry.

We Aspire To

Establish the PetroTech brand in the Gcc.

To be a leading Gcc energy company with respectable added value worldwide.

To be a renown brand as the best professional service provider.

Provide Service Excellency within our Industry.