Burj Khalifa Boulevard, Business Bay Dubai

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PetroTech: World-Class Petroleum Suppliers

Everything we do is in the best interest of the environment. We work within the ambits of national and international standards.

Why Choose Us?

Pleasing our clients keeps us working all day and thinking of innovative ways of how to better please them.

We hold ourselves accountable and responsible for the quality we deliver and strive to improve on our best every time to deliver with utmost transparency and efficiency.

As a value-based company, we rejoice at the prospect of providing our clients with their desired and on- time real result.

Petroleum, Energy and Logistics.

We help and challenge each other to achieve our goals.


Safety takes precedence in everything we do.


We continuously explore innovative ways to create value.


We respect each other, our communities, and the environment.

Our Mission

What drives this belief is the confidence we have in our service team from the trust we have established in our team of reliable, dependable, and professional employees which is firmly based on the adage ”together we can do more ”sustaining global ignition.

Our Products

We are honest with ourselves and others.


We strive for excellence and deliver on our promises.

Building on the experience and know-how of our bright history in the industry, PetroTech has the capacity to outperform and exceed our customers’ expectations. Our clients’ needs are our mandate and we deliver our services with unmatched quality, responsiveness, and a can-do attitude.

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